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  • Cynthia

    I can’t get into my e-mail.

  • http://none Rajendra Srivastava

    I want to know how to send content of feedback htm form to my email id without using outlook express.
    Please reply me.
    Thanks in advance…

  • sammy

    hey when i click on submit outlook express opens but i dont need dat…i jsut wanna have mai and oder details in my email account..pls rply asap

    • Bill

      Ya i know that happend with me I HAVE NO IDEA

  • Sara

    thanks for the great info which ill def use

  • peter

    pls i want the java code that can help me send a confirmation messages to the email address of users who fill my form on my site.thanks

  • Bill

    So you’re saying it’s wrong, but WHAT’S RIGHT????!!!!!!

  • Updesh


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